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Tel: 01353 663 581   Fax: 01353 667 955


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WE offer a wide range of services. The following LINKS contain a brief introduction to these SERVICES:


It is said that purchasing a property or land is one of the most important and stressful experiences of your lifetime. However it does not have to be...



If you are looking for legal solutions to help sell your house or land then you have come to the right place...



Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a purchaser or a seller, or a guarantor for someone else we are able to assist you...


Remortgage / Transfer

Whether you are adding or removing people from the Title, holding the property on trust for beneficiaries, mortgaging or
re-mortgaging the property HEY Bendalls can assist...



  • How long will it take?

    The average conveyance takes between 8-12 weeks. However, this is only an average estimation, there may be matters unique to your transaction that change this time frame.

  • How often can you expect to be updated on progress?

    We endeavour to keep you informed of matters which are vital to your transaction as soon as they come to our attention, but you are of course welcome to call the office for an update from one of our team at any time during office hours.

  • What is a “chain”?

    A chain is a sequence of house sales/purchases which are linked to one another. The speed at which each sale and purchase in a chain goes through at depends on the sales/purchases on either side of your transaction.

  • What is the difference between “Exchange” and “Completion”?

    Although they may sound like the same thing, Exchange and Completion are different stages of the Conveyancing process.

    Exchange is the swapping of contracts once they have been agreed on by yourselves, the other party and all lawyers involved, and legally binds you to the transaction. This, unfortunately, is not the stage at which you move in/out.

    Completion is the final stage of your transaction. If you are selling, your lawyer will inform you of when your money has come in, while also finding out when you will be vacating the property. If you are buying, your lawyer will deal with the transfer of monies and await your new home’s keys to be released to them.

  • What are “Searches”?

    Searches need to be conducted on every property we deal with, to ensure the house involved is ok to sell. Searches can cover a variety of aspects to do with the property. Such as finding out who the legal owner of the piece of land is; whether anybody to a transaction has filed for bankruptcy; what sort of pipelines (if any) go underneath the property; if the property in question is at risk to flooding, gas or whether it is close to any mines; and whether Local Authorities have noted anything in particular about the property.

    These searches are undertaken to ensure it is safe to buy/sell the property in question.




The firm can claim a history extending back some 150 years...

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